Food & Beverage

Today more than ever, our health takes on a key position in our priorities. Consumers seek the healthier alternatives but do not compromise on the taste. We all wish to improve our quality of life, our lifestyle, and live a longer and better life. The industry must follow that lead.

Scents & Blends offers the food & beverage sector flavor solutions that match the market demand at top notch quality. With decades of cumulative experience between them, our scientists and employees are committed to producing the best substances at the highest quality while maintaining market competitiveness.

Scents & Blends provide most of the food & beverage industry with flavor and fragrance solutions in South East Asia and Mexico and is now planning to expand its activities to other regions as well.

Our products for the food & beverage sector are used, inter alia, in dairy products, bakery products and pastries, confectioneries, beverages and more.